Life After Triple Bypass Surgery

A triple bypass surgery is a method used to deal with blocked or clogged arteries in a patient with coronary artery disease. In this condition, cholesterol deposits form on the patient’s arterial walls, limiting the amount of blood and oxygen that are able to reach the heart. This can cause many health complications, with the biggest risk being a heart attack that can be fatal in many cases if untreated. A triple bypass heart surgery uses veins or arteries from other parts of the body to create a diversion around the blocked areas. The term triple bypass means that three arteries are blocked and thus, three detours must be created.

A triple bypass procedure is complex and may take several hours to complete. A patient is given anesthesia and remains unconscious for the duration of the operation. The doctor begins by creating a ten-inch incision into the chest area of the patient. The breastbone will then be separated and and heart bypass pump attached to keep the body alive while the heart is not active. The veins that will be used for the bypass are removed from the other parts of the body and then attached to both the heart and to the faulty arteries to create a working pathway for blood and oxygen. The breastbone is wired shut and the wire will remain in the patient’s body. The incision is then closed with staples and the operation is complete.

As a patient needing a triple bypass may be suffering from a number of health problems, the recovery time from the end of surgery until the point when the patient feels normal again can take a long time. often taking six months or more. Most patients are released from the hospital after staying for about one week, but will need vigorous monitoring to make sure the bypasses are working properly.

After triple bypass surgery, a patient will need to make lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. If the same activities that caused the need for surgery are continued, it is only natural that it will be a matter of time before another bypass operation is needed. Patients who are smokers will need to quit smoking immediately as this is a very dangerous activity for persons with heart issues. Also, diet modification should occur to reduce the amount of processed sugars and fatty foods that are ingested. A patient that is serious about improving their health will also start exercising to improve their cardiovascular abilities.

After triple bypass surgery has been performed and the patient has return to normal life, a doctor will need to be consulted on a regular basis to monitor the overall progress and to alter the dosage of medications as needed. As time passes, a patient will be able to reduce the frequency of visits to the doctor as the condition improves. A triple bypass surgery is a serious procedure and should serve as a wake-up call to patients that are endangering their life through their lifestyle choices.

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